Who Are We?

In recent years, the application of novel technology has permeated clinical practise, ranging from the use of 3D-printed prosthetics to tele-health monitoring via facial recognition software. We believe the field of medical education should follow suit. 

Medicube was founded to modernise medical education using 3D-printing technology. Working to transform medical scans into a physical 3D model is an interactive, low-cost and highly flexible alternative for teaching topics such as anatomy and radiology. 

Our goal is to become an open-access, interactive online platform for medical institutions to engage with 3D-printing technology. We aim to achieve this by providing: 

  • Regular updates on the field of 3D-printing in medicine, 

  • A database of sharable resources that can be used for medical education purposes, 

  • An opportunity for students to access the technology by creating student societies. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact us via facebook or e-mail us at medicubencl@gmail.com!